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We want to extend a very warm welcome to “HealthDonor”, an online site where making miracles a reality is our mission! Our program is set up so as to allow us to give 100% of your generous donations to people truly in need. The foundation of our site allows your financial support to stretch further in reaching someone’s goals of treating cancer, saving a life, or other urgent medical needs.

The financial needs are constantly growing as more and more people are hearing about us and turning to the site and donors like you for assistance. While we want to help as many people as possible, we must keep a frugal budget as all site fees are currently paid by myself out of pocket. With the expense of maintaining the site, staff, social outreach, advertising and accounting, and attempting to pass on 100% of our donations to our beneficiaries, a struggle for the site’s survival is on.

We are requesting personal donations and would be so grateful for any donations that would lighten our administrative financial burden. Our ultimate goal is to continue to pass on 100% of your donations to our beneficiaries while keeping the service open for all to benefit.

Sharing in one another’s burdens,

Andrew Watson
HealthDonor, Inc.

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Cervical Cancer Messed With The Wrong Mom, Daughter, Friend

Liset is strong, beautiful, loving person. Anyone that knows her realizes Liset has a big heart. To know her is to love her. When Liset walks in a room, her smile literally lights it up. At the young age of 33, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It has been a long, hard 3 year battle.

  • 50% Funded
  • $7,526.00 Funded

Didi Memorial Fund

Please consider contributing to help us hold a Celebration of Life ceremony for our dear sister Didi in her home Hawai’i.

  • 76% Funded
  • $3,775.00 Funded
  • 3 Days to Go

Tonya’s Fighting Chance for Surgery

In October 2011 my daughter Tonya Reid went in for a routine Gallbladder removal. She was only 17 years old!! However, in the process of the surgery her surgeon severed her Vagas Nerve, and this paralyzed her stomach. Because of this she was diagnosed with Gastroparesis.

  • 9% Funded
  • $460.00 Funded

Richard Watkins Family Fund

Anything that we can do to help Malia and her family would be greatly appreciated. Many victims of violent crimes become victims because they are at higher risk as a result of their lifestyle. This was not the case with Richard Watkins. By all accounts he was just a regular citizen, a hard-working family man, whose life was tragically cut short by unforeseen circumstances.

  • 57% Funded
  • $14,260.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go

Funeral and memorial expenses for Baby Cruzado

On March 28th, Baby Elijah was born weighing 6lbs 14 oz. Baby Elijah appeared to be in great health upon delivery crying and responsive but just moments later after some complications, Baby Elijah had passed away.

  • 221% Funded
  • $16,575.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go