Mrs. Pleasanton California 2004 Julie Posey battling Lyme Disease

My name is Julie Posey-Yorn, I am a 43 year old wife, mother, step-mother, daughter, sister and friend. I have recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease. I will get into further detail about Lyme and what the disease does and means. Prior to becoming ill in 2007, I was a successful business woman, an active member in my community through Rotary, Chamber of Commerce in Pleasanton, CA, and Mrs. Pleasanton-California 2004 of the Mrs. America Pageant Program.

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Please Help SherryAnn Continue to Get Her Cancer Treatments

In December 2013 our lives changed forever. SherryAnn was diagnosed with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. We were shocked because SherryAnn never smoked a day in her life. She has bronchial asthma which the doctor’s believed was triggered by second hand smoke from her parents as a child. The Lung Cancer currently in Stage III.

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10 Year-Old Cody’s Fight to Help Mother who battles Cancer, Diabetes, MCA and other Auto Immune Disorders

My name is Cody, I am Brandi Wagemann’s 10 Year-Old son. The reason why I would like to raise money for my mom is because I love her and I don’t want her or my dad to worry about money for the hospital. And the money will help her get her pills she needs to help with this disease. Please help my mom, she loves me and my brother so much and this would help her not worry so much so she can get better. Thank you!

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Support Team Rangel

Bert was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2013 and is scheduled to receive a kidney transplant in August, donated by his brother Robert. Bert is expected to be out of work for at least four months to recover. Robert is expected to be out for 6-8 weeks. They are very appreciative of all the support they receive.

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Jessica Castaneda Our Butterfly

At only 30 years old she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer which isn’t common in young adults. She put up a good fight but in the end she is losing her battle.

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Cancer Take 2: Help Didi Heal!

Please support my beautiful sister Didi in her second fight against cancer…Any amount helps!!!

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